About Us

We are an independent investment management boutique
dedicated to creating and managing innovative investment strategies

We were founded in March 2008

We were founded in the midst of the Financial Crisis and we built our firm during the most challenging investment environment in modern history. We are proud of the investment strategies we have developed and the value we created for our clients. As a result of our strong performance, we have served as a trusted investment advisor to institutions, high net worth individuals and private investment funds.

We are a boutique

We appreciate the advantages of being a boutique investment advisor. Independence preserves integrity. Specialization creates focus. Tractable size affords the agility to capture opportunity. Horizontal organization directs focus to clients rather than bureaucracy. Employee ownership provides continuity and the incentive to care deeply about every client. We appreciate these advantages because we believe they are fundamental to our pursuit of excellence in investment management.

We seek to enhance our clients' welfare through innovative investment strategies

We are convinced investors need better solutions than the status quo offers. Investors need opportunistic investment strategies that can help them defend against—and even profit from—the dislocation and volatility that inevitably occur in capital markets.

We eat our own cooking

We believe in the investment strategies we create and in the power of proper incentives. This is why we happily eat our own cooking—our principals invest their own capital in our strategies and our key employees' compensation is linked directly to investment performance.

Investment Approach

Our Investment Approach is characterized by four key endeavors

Focus on Absolute Return
We seek to generate consistently attractive returns, not to track particular benchmarks or indices

We believe the best way to achieve long-term capital growth is by creating attractive shorter-term returns that compound consistently over time. This is why we focus on what really matters—generating returns—rather than on tracking the market up and down.

Examine All Perspectives
We seek to integrate diverse analytical methods to thoroughly evaluate investment opportunities

No single method of analysis is adequate to explain the pricing of all securities in all sectors in all countries at all times. We believe integrating multiple perspectives—particularly those of contrasting analytical approaches—generates the most comprehensive view of the risks and returns inherent in investment opportunities.

Allocate Capital Actively
We seek to dynamically allocate capital across investment opportunities to create return and control risk

We seek to allocate capital in proportion to the attractiveness of investment opportunities. But investments become more and less attractive over time because the relationship between risk and return is not constant. In fact, the premium earned for accepting every risk varies over time—sometimes frequently and by large amounts. These variations create both threats and opportunities. We seek to actively position our portfolios to defend against the threats and take advantage of the opportunities.

Manage Risk Comprehensively
We seek to combine quantitative and qualitative analyses of risk factors to synthesize a portfolio-level view of risk

Risk comes in many different forms. Understanding them in proper context requires carefully balancing quantitative and qualitative analyses of a wide range of data. This is why risk management is integrated into our investment process—each aspect of our investment process makes a key contribution to risk management.

Investment Strategies

We have provided innovative investment strategies
for institutions, high net worth individuals & private investment funds


Originally founded as an investment management boutique and hedge fund sponsor, Aquifer served as an investment adviser to charitable endowments and as the sole investment adviser to the Aquifer Funds from our founding in 2008 through 2017.


We are not actively engaged in providing investment management services to any clients. Since 2018, Aquifer has focused exclusively on managing affiliated capital and providing pro-bono advice to non-profit organizations on the management of their endowment funds.


Informed by the past and looking toward the future, we remain focused on creating innovative investment strategies for forward-thinking investors.

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